Shark Cartilage 750mg 300 capsules

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• Aids in the formation of connective tissues
• Promotes anti-inflammation
• Strengthens soft joint tissues

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Bill Natural Sources® Shark Cartilage is primarily composed of chondroitin sulphate, which is further broken down in the body into glucosamine and other end products. Shark cartilage also contains calcium, which is highly beneficial for people with osteoarthritis. Clinical research has demonstrated that shark cartilage derivatives have beneficial properties to prevent new blood vessel growth and thus regulate inflammation response and promote healthy development of joints.

• Contains a rich source of collagen protein, essential amino acids, minerals and glycosaminoglycans
• Beneficial for maintaining elasticity of artery walls, healing torn ligaments and tendons, and healing of cracked skin
• Helps inhibit excessive blood vessel growth in joints to assist in anti-inflammation control
• Helps block the growth of new blood vessels

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Name Shark Cartilage 750mg 300 capsules
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