Vitamin D3 400IU 120 softgels

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• Helps maintain strong bones
• Helps prevent Vitamin D deficiency
• Helps in the development and maintenance of teeth

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Vitamin D, the sunshine nutrient, is normally obtained by drinking milk or absorbing ultraviolent B (UVB) energy from the sun; however, those who cannot drink milk or if it is winter, may have trouble obtaining adequate amount of vitamin D. Roughly 1/3 of Canadians do not obtain enough vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D in adults it may lead to osteoporosis. Taking vitamin D may reduce the risk of obtaining bone related conditions in adults.

Vitamin D also helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption. Calcium and phosphorous are found mostly in our bones, and influences bone-formation. Majority of calcium is absorbed in the ileum, part of the intestine, and Vitamin D can help increase calcium absorption so that 70~80% is absorbed in the ileum. Vitamin D also enhances paracellular calcium transport, so anything not absorbed in the ileum, is spread and can be absorbed elsewhere in the body. Vitamin D also enhances the rate of which the ileum can absorb phosphorus into the body.

Vitamin D helps in the development of bones and teeth due to helping in calcium and phosphorous absorption. Calcium and phosphorus are mostly found in our bones and teeth and they help influence bone formation, leading to stronger and healthier bones.

Why choose BILL®?

Bill Natural Sources® Vitamin D 400IU Softgels is a nutritious vitamin D supplement for adults and children. All of our products use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you obtain the most benefits out of each gummy. Try our Vitamin D softgels today to help get strong & healthy bones and to help meet the daily dietary requirement of vitamin D.

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Name Vitamin D3 400IU 120 softgels
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