FluFLX™ Plus 30 capsules

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• Traditionally helps with immune response
• Traditionally helps maintain a healthy respiratory system
• Natural formula to maintain the immune system
• Traditionally helps relieve cold symptoms
• Convenient blister packs

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In Canada, cold and flu are common respiratory illnesses that affect millions of people every year. Although both are caused by viruses, the flu shows more severe symptoms. Bill Natural Sources® FluFLX™ Plus is formulated to support and enhance the immune system and help fight off colds and flu. The main ingredients of FluFLX™ Plus are American ginseng and Echinacea extract, two powerhouse ingredients.  American ginseng is also known for its ability to help regulate blood sugar and fight both physical and mental fatigue. Echinacea makes our immune cells more efficient at attacking bacteria and viruses. With these two core ingredients, it helps fight off colds and other upper respiratory infections and shorten the duration. Be better prepared this cold season with FluFLX™ Plus

- Stimulates immune system

- Promotes an active immune response

- Promotes stronger immune response for better recovery duration

- Promotes healthy glucose levels

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Name FluFLX™ Plus 30 capsules
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