OPCs-3 Super Antioxidant 120 capsules

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• Inhibits oxidation to maintain overall health
• Supports healthy blood circulation
• Strengthens capillaries

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There are trillions of cells in the human body constantly balancing between damage from free radicals and self-repair. Free radicals are produced as a result of turning food into energy. An imbalance between free radical production and countering their harmful effects is known as oxidative stress. The free radicals chemically interact with cell components such as protein and lipids and may disrupt the cell’s balance. Naturally occurring antioxidants can be ingested to improve oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals. OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are a class of flavanols, which are naturally occurring antioxidants commonly found in fruits and cocoa. OPCs are well known for their strong antioxidant activity, leading to greater effect than other types of antioxidants.

Bill Natural Sources® OPCs-3 Super Antioxidant Capsules use extracts from red wine, seeds of grapes, and cranberries which are excellent sources of OPCs.  These three ingredients contain also contain other different antioxidants to help maintain good health by reducing cell damage caused by free radicals. 

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Name OPCs-3 Super Antioxidant 120 capsules
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