Soy Protein Isolate 500g

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• A source of protein
• Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
• Made from Non-GMO ingredients

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Bill Natural Sources® Soy Protein Isolate 90% is designed for adults, providing a rich source of amino acids and proteins, with iron, phosphorous, and other minerals. Iron in soy foods is mainly in the form of ferritin and is absorbed well, along with calcium.  Being a complete protein, soy protein is an excellent source of amino acids. These are important for the body as amino acids help in the repair and maintenance of body tissue and cells. Soy protein is considered a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot make, in just the right quantities and which must be obtained from the diet. Soy protein isolate also contains isoflavones, which act as antioxidants that help to protect our cells from the effects of free radicals. This product is suitable for those who are looking to get their protein from vegan sources.

Why choose BILL®?

Bill Natural Sources® Soy Protein Isolate 90% is produced with defatted soybeans without the use of any colouring, flavouring or dairy products, ensuring a smooth natural taste.  Being low in saturated fats and containing no cholesterol, soy protein isolate helps in the maintenance of good health. Bill Natural Sources® Soy Protein Isolate 90% can easily be incorporated in your everyday diet by mixing it into your meals or favourite beverage. With our high standard of quality, you get the most out of each use. Enjoy the benefits of our Bill Natural Sources® Soy Protein Isolate 90% today!

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Name Soy Protein Isolate 500g
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