Easy Flow 90 Capsules

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• Helps support bowel movements
• Supports digestive system

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The Plantago Ovata seed has been used to maintain a healthy digestive system in ancient remedies. The seed has the ability to hydrate the intestines by soaking up fluids, induce bowel movement by adding bulk to stool, and regulate bowel movement. With anti-inflammatory properties, the Plantago Ovata seed may still be taken by individuals with various conditions. By binding dietary cholesterol and fat to prevent absorption into the body, the Plantago Ovata seed is a highly effective ingredient for people interested in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Emblica Officinalis is effective in maintaining a healthy and strong digestive system. It also has antioxidant properties to slow down aging. Bill Natural Sources® Easy Flow combines the two ingredients into one capsule to provide the optimal remedy to combat digestive system abnormalities and irregularity.

• Maintains bowel movements
• Supports a healthy digestive system
• Improves and maintains regular gastrointestinal transit
• Provides antioxidants
• Suitable for people with high blood glucose and cholesterol levels

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Name Easy Flow 90 Capsules
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