Mail order to China

What items are not for mail order to China?

We only provide Mail Order to China service for most products, including all Bill Beauty Products, Uncle Bill products, Polenectar products, and Kawai Kanyu products.

Could you send my order ASAP?

We always send your order first priority. If you could give us extra time to accomplish your delivery, you could minimize disappointment by unforeseen events.

How long does it take to receive my order in China?

For most areas in China, approximately 3-4 weeks;

For remote areas in China, approximately 4-6 weeks

Please define “Remote Area” in China

It includes Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xin Jiang, Qing Hai, Ning Xia, and Gan Su.

I only receive some items on my order today. Can I claim loss now?

No. To meet the requirements of Chinese Custom, we sometimes split orders into smaller cartons. Even though the packages are sent at the same time, sometimes they are placed on different flights. So the clearance date can vary, and the delivery time may be different. If you still couldn’t fully receive orders two weeks from the first date you received your order, please contact us.  

Why has my package not arrived yet?

Because China Customs clearance time is not completely stable, if the delay days is from a week to 3weeks, it is within the normal range. Please check your order after 30 days of order date.

I received my order, but one of the glass bottles is broken or wrong item. How could I claim for loss/damage?

Please refuse to sign or note any damage on the delivery record, and contact us asap @ email or phone number, with supporting pictures. In order for us to consider a claim for damage, the contents, original shipping cartons and packing must be made available to us for inspection.