BILL® Natural X-Power 12 caplets

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  • 100% Natural and free of prescription ingredients
  • Enhances sexual desire and helps develop vital energy

Bill Natural Sources® Natural X-Power is especially formulated for adults, to enhance overall sexual experience. In traditional Chinese medicine, this formula is designed to tonify the kidney-yang and promote the vital essence of Yang. According to legend, the Epimedium plant may have been the cause of increased sexual activity in a herd of goats after they had ingested the plant. Modern medicine has proven that Epimedium has aphrodisiac content associated with icariin, which can directly increase the level of nitric oxide, increase penile blood pressure and last a longtime. Epimedium has the potential to help sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis. Combined with other natural ingredients, this health supplement can aid diminished sensitivity brought on by age. By replenishing vital essence of the kidney-yang, it can combat fatigue and utilize energy; so adults will be able to enjoy a better sex life without the side effects and dependency on prescription drugs.

• Increases vital essence, and develops vital energy
• Nourishes internal organs and replenishes vital essence of the kidney-yang
• Strengthens physique and combats fatigue
• Helps make sexual interactions more enjoyable

More Information
Product Name BILL® Natural X-Power 12 caplets
Nutritional Info

This product contains epimedium sagittatum, glycyrrhiza uralensis, royal jelly and scolopendra subspinipes mutilans. Please check the label for details.

Suggested use:

Adults take 2 caplets 2 times daily.

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