BILL® Suglex™ diabetic support 300 capsules

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  • Natural diabetic support
  • Maintains a healthy glucose level
  • Helps to reduce the side effects of diabetic medications

Bill Natural Sources® Suglex™ is naturally formulated to help diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels without the risk of side effects or prescribed medications. It is a unique blend of natural botanical ingredients that have all been used traditionally as effective diabetic support. It works to stimulate insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of increasing blood sugar levels. By inhibiting hepatic glucose output, Suglex™ helps to improve glycemic level and help lower the coronary risk factors in diabetes. This product is also helpful for those who have a high risk of diabetes due to family history and overweight issues.

• Unique herbal ingredients work synergistically to maintain blood sugar levels
• Stimulates insulin secretion and controls appetite
• Helps maintain blood glucose and modulate the metabolism of glucose and blood lipid
• Provides antioxidants and scavenge free radicals
• Possess anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viruses properties

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Product Name BILL® Suglex™ diabetic support 300 capsules
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